(11/29/15) The Passover Theme-Part 2 (Mo Accomazzo)

(11/29/15) Servant Leadership (Steve Ledford)

(10/4/15) Grace (Wally Hayes)

(8/16/15) Is the God of the Old Testament Harsh, Brutal, and Evil? (Wally Hayes)

(3/22/15) Passover (Mo Accomazzo)

(1/18/15) Angels (Wally Hayes)



(12/28/14) Prayer (Mo Accomazzo)

(11/30/14) The Way of Escape (Wally Hayes)

(10/19/14) The Bible: Test It, Trust It, Treasure It (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/21/14) The Local Church (Wally Hayes)

(8/17/14) Personal Evangelism (Mo Accomazzo)

(7/27/14) Ten Things That We Ought to Say to Our Children (Wally Hayes)

(4/20/14) Evangelism (Mo Accomazzo)

(3/30/14)Friendship (Wally Hayes)

(2/16/14)Opportunity (Craig Hodges)

(1/5/14)Proverbs (Mo Accomazzo)



Elders by Wally Hayes


(11/3/13)He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear (Mo Accomazzo)

(10/13/13) Rekindle the Fire (Wally Hayes)

(8/18/13) Basics for Living in Christ (Craig Hodges)

(7/21/13) Fear (Mo Accomazzo)

(6/9/13) Developing Leadership (Wally Hayes)

(4/28/13) Character (Craig Hodges)

(3/24/13) Deacons-Their Work (Mo Accomazzo)

(1/20/13) Elders–They Smell Like Sheep (Wally Hayes)



(11/25/12) Repentance (Mo Accomazzo)


(12/30/12) Hannah (Wally Hayes)

(11/25/12) Repentance (Mo Accomazzo)

(10/28/12) The Value of the Old Testament (Wally Hayes)

(9/9/12) Fulfilled Prophesy (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/9/12) Pushing The Rock (Wally Hayes)

(9/2/12) Worship (Wally Hayes)

(8/26/12) The First Day of the Week (Mo Accomazzo)

(7/8/12) The Church At Philippi (Wally Hayes)

(6/10/12) Parenting Through The Proverbs (Mo Accomazzo)

(6/2/12) Today You Shall Be With Me In Paradise (Wally Hayes)

(5/27/12) Introduction to Proverbs (Mo Accomazzo)

(2/19/12) Is It Reasonable To Believe in God? (Mo Accomazzo)

(1/15/12) Ahab (Wally Hayes)


(12/18/11) Remember Shiloh (Mo Accomazzo)

(11/13/11) Attendance (Wally Hayes)

(10/23/11) Daily Bible Study Motivation (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/25/11) Giving (2) (Wally Hayes)

(7/24/11) Authority (Wally Hayes)

(6/26/11) Not My Way (Mo Accomazzo)

(5/8/11) Three Crosses (Wally Hayes)

(4/17/11) Love (Mo Accomazzo)

(2/20/11) Before It Is Too Late (Wally Hayes)

(1/16/11) 2011 Challenges (Mo Accomazzo)


(12/26/10) Two Unnamed People (Wally Hayes)

(12/19/10) 2010/2011 (Mo Accomazzo)

(11/14/10) How Are Christians to Use the Old Testament (Wally Hayes)

(10/31/10) Archeology and the Bible(2) (Mo Accomazzo)

(10/24/10) David and Goliath (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/29/10) Marriage (Wally Hayes)

(8/22/10) Christians in the Workplace(Mo Accomazzo)

(7/11/10) The Uniqueness of the Conversion of Cornelius(Wally Hayes)

(6/6/10) Jesus The Master Teacher (Wally Hayes)

(5/30/10) Memorials (Mo Accomazzo)

(3/28/10) Forgiveness (Mo Accomazzo)

(2/14/10) Apostasy (Wally Hayes)

(1/31/10) Transformed (Mo Accomazzo)


(12/27/09) Nothing (Wally Hayes)

(12/27/09) Remain Silent (Wally Hayes)

(12/20/09) Daily Bible Reading (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/27/09) Love (Mo Accomazzo)

(8/30/09) Things I Want For My Children (Wally Hayes)

(7/19/09) Archeology and The Bible (Mo Accomazzo)

(6/28/09) Christ Centered Homes (Wally Hayes)

(5/17/09) Pride (Mo Accomazzo)

(4/12/09) The Big Picture (Wally Hayes)

(2/15/09) Egypt and the Bible (Wally Hayes)

(1/4/09) Goals-Plans (Mo Accomazzo)


(12/28/08) Jesus Birth (Wally Hayes)

(11/9/08) Growth (Mo Accomazzo)

(09/21/08) Lessons from a Storm (Mo Accomazzo)

(7/13/08) In Only Three Generations (Wally Hayes)

(7/13/08) Laodicea (Wally Hayes)

(6/22/08) Blood of Christ (Mo Accomazzo)

(6/22/08) Cities of Refuge (Wally Hayes)

(5/18/08) God Speaks In Christ (Wally Hayes)

(1/13/08) Giving (Wally Hayes)

(4/20/08) Design (Mo Accomazzo)


(2/25/04) A Man After God’s Own Heart (Mo Accomazzo)

(3/14/04) Marriage Made in Heaven (Wally Hayes)

(6/20/04) Knowing God (Mo Accomazzo)

(7/18/04) An Assault On Worship (Wally Hayes)

(9/26/04) Knowing God, Part 2 (Mo Accomazzo)

(10/24/04) God is God (Wally Hayes)

(11/28/04) The Passover Feast, Part 1(Mo Accomazzo)

(2/20/05) Passover Feast, Part 2: The Lord’s Supper (Mo Accomazzo)

(3/20/05) Essential vs. Important (Wally Hayes)

(5/15/05) Abortion (Wally Hayes)

(7/31/05) Why Are You Hear Tonight? (Wally Hayes)

(12/5/05) Don’t Worry (Wally Hayes)

(12/25/05) Bible Reading (Mo Accomazzo)

(1/1/06) Characteristics of a Good Preacher (Wally Hayes)

(2/5/06) The Resurrection (Mauro Accomazzo)

(2/26/06) The New Testament Church (Mauro Accomazzo)

(3/05/06) Hope of Heaven (Mauro Accomazzo)

(3/19/06) Planets and Stars (Wally Hayes)

(4/23/06) Miracles of Jesus (Wally Hayes)

(5/21/06) Jesus of Nazareth (Mauro Accomazzo)

(5/21/06) A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Wally Hayes)

(6/18/06) The Bible and God’s Plan of Salvation (Mauro Accomazzo)

(7/16/06) The Gospel of Judas (Wally Hayes)

(8/6/06) Authority (Mauro Accomazzo)

(8-13-06) Five Great Duties (Wally Hayes)

(9/3/06) Jesus Will Return (Mauro Accomazzo)

(10/1/06) Our Gospel Meeting (Mauro Accomazzo)

(10/8/06) New Testament Worship (Wally Hayes)

(01/7/07) New Testament Worship (Wally Hayes)

(01/21/07) What Can A Woman Do? (Mo Accomazzo)

(02/04/07) How We Got the Old Testament (Mo Accomazzo)

(02/04/07) Temple Imagery in the Psalms (Wally Hayes)

(03/04/07) How We Got the Old Testament, Part 2 (Mo Accomazzo)

(03/11/07) Profiles in Courage (Wally Hayes)

(05/27/07) Where Are the Dead? (Mo Accomazzo)

(06/17/07) Stewardship (Wally Hayes)

(7/15/07) How We Got the Bible, Part 3 (Mo Accomazzo)

(9/16/07) How We Got the Bible, Part 4 (Mo Accomazzo)

(10/21/07) Treasure (Wally Hayes)

(11/11/07) Respect for Christians (Mo Accomazzo – Preached at the Bangor Lectures 2007)