(10/25/15) The Most Difficult Prayer to Pray (Eric Paquette)

(9/20/15) King Saul (Eric Paquette)

(8/30/15) Worldliness (Eric Paquette)

(8/23/15) Seeking God (Juan Peguero)

(7/26/15) Dawn of the Day (Eric Paquette)

(7/26/15) The Ethiopian Eunuch (Jeff Smelser)

(7/19/15) What A Blind Man Can Teach Us About Faith (Matt Cavender)

(6/21/15) I Can’t Help It (Matt Melanson)

(6/21/15) Fathers (Andy Deistelkamp)

(6/14/15) Great Guarantees in Christ (Eric Paquette)

(6/14/15) Evangelism in Exile (David Maxon)

(5/24/15) Adoption (Steve Ledford)

(5/10/15) Dan and Idol Worship (Dennis Jalbert)

(5/3/15) War and Grace (James 4)

(4/12/15) Lessons from the Book of Daniel (Juan Peguero)

(3/29/15) I Will Do As You Say (Eric Paquette)

(1/25/15) Joel-Part 1 (Bryan Dallas)

(1/11/15) Trust In God (Eric Paquette)



(12/28/14) What Shall I Do With Jesus? (Eric Paquette)

(12/21/14) Counting the Cost (Andy Deistelkamp)

(12/14/14) Seeing Beyond-“No Pain, No Gain” (Steve Ledford)

(11/30/14) Adultery (Matt Melanson)

(11/23/14) Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Eric Paquette)

(11/16/14) The Jerusalem Temple (Dennis Jalbert)

(9/28/14) Elders (Juan Peguero)

(9/21/14) The Kingdom (Matt Cavender)

(9/14/14) Reconciliation (Eric Paquette)

(8/31/14) Key Points in 1st Peter (Bryan Dallas)

(8/24/14) Peter’s Fall and Return (Eric Paquette)

(8/17/14) The Case For Jesus (Steve Ledford)

(8/10/14) Forgiveness (Matt Melanson)

(7/27/14) Examine Yourself (Eric Paquette)

(7/20/14) Can I Really Make It To Heaven? (Mark McCrary)

(7/20/14) Doctrine of God (Mark McCrary)

(7/13/14) The Role of an Evangelist (Nathan Combs)

(7/13/14) Trials and Temptations (Nathan Combs)

(6/29/14) Sojourners and Pilgrims (Steve Ledford)

(6/29/14) The Glory of the Church (Hank Pennington)

(6/22/14) Mount Carmel (Bryan Dallas)

(6/15/14) The Two Builders (Eric Paquette)

(6/8/14) The Sin of Doing Nothing (Dennis Jalbert)

(5/25/14) The Wisdom of Men (Juan Peguero)

(5/18/14) Are You A Christian? (Jeremy Hodges)

(5/18/14) The Character of God (Jeremy Hodges)

(5/11/14) Everyone Can Preach The Gospel (Jim Walsh)

(4/20/14) Creation vs Evolution Debate (Bryan Dallas)

(4/13/14) “Strive to Enter through the Narrow Gate” (Eric Paquette)

(3/30/14) Redeeming The Time (Steve Ledford)

(3/23/14) Christian Growth (Eric Paquette)

(3/2/14) Your Case on Judgment Day (Jason Cicero)

(3/2/14) Why We Read This Book (Jason Cicero)

(3/2/14) Why God Wrote The Bible Like He Did (Jason Cicero)

(3/1/14) Of First Importance (Jason Cicero)

(2/23/14) What Is Failure to Us? (Matt Melanson)

(2/16/14) Confessing Like David (Eric Paquette)

(2/16/14) Opportunity (Craig Hodges)

(2/9/14) God’s Three Wills (Matt Cavender)

(2/2/14) The Day when God will set the World on Fire! (Mike Roy)

(1/26/14) Leviticus 26 (Juan Peguero)

(1/19/14) Worldliness (Dennis Jalbert)

(1/12/14) Every Act Counts (Eric Paquette)



Bible is God’s Standard (Matt Cavender)


(12/29/13) Questions for Christians (Blaine Mellor)

(12/29/13) The Covenant in Genesis 15 (Ben Hayes)

(12/22/13) Three People in Proverb 10 (Matt Melanson)

(12/22/13) Cut Wood (Eric Paquette)

(12/15/13) The Tongue (Bryan Dallas)

(12/8/13) Ask Not What God Can Do for You but What You Can Do for God (Juan Peguero)

(11/24/13) Holiness (Dennis Jalbert)

(11/17/13) Poison of Bitterness (Eric Paquette)

(11/10/13) Building a Spiritual House (Matt Cavander)

(10/27/13) Knowing God (Bryan Dallas)

(10/20/13) Courage (Matt Melanson)

(9/22/13) How to Ensure Your Child Will Fall Away Juan Peguero)

(9/15/13) Putting the Past in the Past (Eric Paquette)

(9/8/13) Josiah (Dennis Jalbert)

(8/25/13) Living Stones (Matt Cavender)

(7/28/13) Abiding in God. What Does It Mean? (Matt Melanson)

(6/30/13) God’s Kingship (Bryan Dallas)

(6/2/13) Power (Thaxter Dickey)

(5/12/13) Seeing God (Tim Reeves)

(3/21/13) The Life Of Isaac (Dennis Jalbert)

(3/31/13) Soldier of Christ (James Waldrep)

(3/24/13) The Incomparable Greatness of God, Isaiah 40 (Mike Roy)

(2/17/13) Standards-World vs Christian (Matt Cavender)

(1/20/13) Liberty (Matt Melanson)


(12/23/12) Predestination (Dennis Jalbert)

(12/16/12) Zeal (Craig Hodges)

(11/11/12) Buy The Truth (Eric Paquette)

(9/30/12) Pure In Heart (Scott Racicot)

(9/23/12) Time (James Waldrep)

(8/19/12) The Godly Man (Dennis Jalbert)

(7/29/12) Women and Dresses (Matt Melanson)

(7/15/12) A church without Elders (Randy Crihfield)

(6/17/12) 1Thess 5:12-24 “Checklist” (Craig Hodges)

(6/10/12) Servanthood (Justin Dobbs)

(3/25/12) Dangers to the Soul(Jerry L. Henderson)

(3/18/12) Hebrews Chapters 1&2(Brent Romine)

(2/26/12) Tolerance(Matt Melanson)

(1/29/12) Joy(Craig Hodges)


(12/18/11) Drawing the Line(Eric Paquette)

(11/13/11) The Israelites & the Arameans (Dennis Jalbert)

(9/18/11) Unity (Joe Hamm)

(8/21/11) God’s Guidance for our Money (Terry Reese)

(7/31/11) Leadership (Craig Hodges)

(6/19/11) Thorn In The Flesh (Derek Abeyta)

(5/29/11) Evidence for a God from the Study of Nature (Daniel Reeves)

(5/22/11) Heaven or **** (Josh Abeyta, Ben Melanson, and Matt Melanson)

(4/24/11) Purpose for our Lives (Royce Chandler)

(4/24/11) Khirbet Qeiyafa (Luke Chandler)

(3/27/11) Persecution (Derek Abeyta)

(3/27/11) Giving God Glory (Justin Dobbs)

(2/27/11) The Gospel of Satan (Vance Trefethen)


(12/19/10) Attitude (Derek Abeyta)

(11/21/10) Soul and Spirit (Dennis Jalbert)

(9/26/10) Weather (Randy Crihfield)

(9/12/10) Parenting (Derek Abeyta)

(8/15/10) Are You Religious? (Charlie Jalbert)

(8/8/10) God Cares About The Little People (Vance Trefethen)

(6/27/10) Serving the Lord (Dennis Jalbert)

(6/13/10) Communications (Derek Abeyta)

(5/30/10) Esau (Vance Trefethren)

(4/11/10) Crucify Him (Vance Trefethen)

(4/11/10) Has God Spoken? (Terry Reese)

(4/4/10) Carpe Diem…Seize the Moment (Derek Abeyta)

(3/28/10) Elders (Dennis Jalbert)

(3/14/10) Are You Full of the Spirit? (Justin Dobbs)

(3/14/10) Serious Worship (Micah Rice)

(3/7/10) The Burden of a Guilty Conscience (Derek Abeyta)

(2/28/10) Importance of the Bible (Eric Paquette)

(1/17/10) Who Owns Palestine? (Derek Abeyta)


(11/22/09) Working With Faith (Vance Trefethen)

(11/15/09) Growth (Dennis Jalbert)

(10/18/09) Gideon (John David Trimble)

(9/20/09) Modest Dress (Derek Abeyta)

(8/16/09) Faith (Vance Trefethen)

(7/26/09) Biblical Authority (Andrew Oakland)

(3/15/09) EncouragementforDispair (Eric Paquette)


(12/28/08) Resolutions (Eric Paquette)

(11/30/08) Talent (Andrew Oakland)

(11/23/08) When God Doesn’t Make Sense (David McClister)

(11/23/08) Nobody Has Seen God (Tom Hamilton)

(09/28/08) Invisible Attributes of God (Adam Kingry)

(09/07/08) Raising of Lazarus (Eric Paquette)

(08/31/08) Sin and Death (Billy LaBranche)

(7/6/08) Heavenly Places (Adam Kingry)

(6/29/08) Psalm 1 (Jeremy Degrado)

(5/25/08) The Christian Walk (Eric Paquette)

(3/23/08) Rahab (Eric Paquette)

(3/16/08) Light (Andrew Oakland)

2004 – 2007

(2/22/04) Lonliness (Steve Mayo)

(4/18/04) Honey (Randy Crihfield)

(4/25/04) Song Service: The Lord’s Guidance

(5/30/04) First Principles (Bruce, Alex and Aaron)

(7/25/04) Ignorance is No Excuse (Steve Mayo)

(10-31-04) Soldiers of Christ (Aaron Purvis)

(1/16/05) Five People You Will Meet in Heaven (Brent Romine)

(3/13/05) Heaven (Steve Mayo)

(3/20/05) Power of Praise (Eric Paquette)

(7/3/05) Why Jesus (Keith Clayton)

(7/24/05) Faith (Bill Labranch)

(8/21/05) I Am A Gospel Preacher (Jeff Kingry)

(12/11/05) Drifting from the Faith (Eric Paquette)

(12/18/05) Its a Wonderful Dog’s Life (Randy Crihfield)

(1/8/06) The Providence of God (Adam Kingry)

(1/22/06) Double Minded (Eric Paquette)

(2/19/06) Precious Things (Randy Crihfield)

(3/12/06) Power (Adam Kingry)

(4/16/06) The Name of God (Adam Kingry)

(5/21/06) The Archers of Ephraim (Adam Kingry)

(6/4/06) Daniel’s Prayer (Bill Bynam)

(6/4/06) The Impossible Faith (Bill Bynam)

(6/11/06) The Greatest Commandment (David Hamlett)

(6/11/06) The Woman Caught in Adultery (David Hamlett)

(7/2/06) Pure and Undefiled Religion (C Brewer)

(7/8/06) Walking By Faith (Mike Boseman)

(7/9/06) Leadership (Mike Boseman)

(7/30/06) English Versions of the Bible (Buddy Payne)

(8-13-06) Top Knot Come Down (Randy Crihfield)

(8/27/06) Lying (Eric Paquette)

(9/10/06) Lydia (Eric Paquette)

(9/17/06) Relics, Antiques and Heirlooms (Randy Crihfield)

(9/24/06) The Proper Attitude When Studying the Bible (Tim Reeves)

(9/24/06) Jesus’ Great Invitation (Tim Reeves)

(9/24/06) The Word God, God’s Power Unto Salvation (Tim Reeves)

(10/08/06) Do You Want To Be Healed (Paul Kerouac)

(10/22/06) Satan (Eric Paquette)

(01/14/07) Into All the World (Keith Sharp)

(01/14/07) Local Evangelism (Keith Sharp)

(01/14/07) The Great Commission (Keith Sharp)

(03/18/07) Hezekiah’s Restoration (Gardiner Hall)

(03/18/07) Hezekiah’s Restoration (Gardiner Hall)

(03/18/07) “Other Worldly” (Gardiner Hall)

(04/01/07) Buy the Truth (Keith Clayton)

(04/01/07) It is Finished (Keith Clayton)

(04/01/07) One Thing (Keith Clayton)

(09/30/07) Pitfalls to Avoid as Parents – Lesson 1 (Scott Smelser)

(09/30/07) Pitfalls to Avoid as Parents – Lesson 2 (Scott Smelser)

(09/30/07) Pitfalls to Avoid as Parents – Lesson 3 (Scott Smelser)